Glacier National Park in Montana was the start of it all… The views were so spectacular that I had to figure out a way to capture them for both my own memory as well as to show others the unbelievable beauty of the location. Of course, when I first started, most of the shots I took didn’t live up to the idea I had in my head of what I wanted – I went through a lot of trashed rolls of film. Thank god digital was invented, when you can just delete a shot instead of paying for processing before you see how bad of a photo you took.

Over the years I’ve practiced and improved, and I’ve finally been able to get shots that I’m happy with – and happy to share. My objective is to bring to the viewer the experience and emotion of what it’s like to be there in person as best I can. Although I don’t shoot all the time, I will do my best to update these photos from time to time and keep improving on my photography. I hope you enjoy!