Another Amazing Season Comes to an End!

The second season after the Club LaVela pool deck renovation is now behind us, and this proves it wasn’t just a one-off hit. This means long-term system reliability in the design I created and installed along with system stability and usability. I can happily say there were no system failures this season proving yet again that the BassBoss line array and subwoofers I spec’ed and installed during the lead-up to the 2015 season can stand up to a severe beating.

The entertainment was truly world-class and all of the artists we had this season were more than happy to play at LaVela, including some that returned to play at the club again simply because of their great experience here with the lighting and sound system, amazing crowds, unique location, and great support staff.

I can’t express enough how much these components are stressed and really put to the test in this environment. Not only are they pushed to the top of performance day after day and night after night, they do it with salt, wind, high humidity, and sand. I took it upon myself to protect the lighting fixtures using a special coating on each of the circuit  boards along with a thorough cleaning and lubrication at the end of last season, and it payed off in spades. None of the lighting fixtures went down with any serious failures.

In addition to the lighting fixtures, these BassBoss line array cabinets and subwoofers are outside in the environment 24/7 from late February till October during the year. Rain, salt spray (yes we are that close to the beach), and sun beats down on them constantly. Sand gets blown at them, they are sonically abused, performing at super high SPL levels, and they outperform MANY other systems out there. David at BassBoss has come up with real, long-term winners here.

The BassBoss BossMon monitors had positive response from artists as well, constantly making sure the DJ’s could hear what they were doing over this ridiculously loud main system. The compactness of the wedges left our small stage with plenty of room and still provided high SPL for the musicians. The Powersoft and SpeakerPower amps are also coming into their second season, and they are still performing at full capacity. The whole system gets put through its paces and keeps giving us spectacular sound day after day and night after night for every concert.

Featured Artists for 2016

2 Chainz

Lost Kings
Jonas Blue

Blues Traveler
Kane Brown

Client:Club LaVela