First Post-Pool Deck Remodel Season Comes to a Close

The first official season after the Club LaVela pool deck renovation has come to an end. This was by far one of the most amazing season’s that Club LaVela has hosted. The new sound, lighting, and video systems I designed and installed were key in ensuring that this list of headliners made the most entertainment impact for concertgoers. There was no keeping this system down. Rain, sun and sand tested the components like no electronic devices should ever be asked to do, yet they all came out exceeding expectations in the end.

The BassBoss ZV28 subs gave power and punch, yet also were able to provide an unbelievable low end that can only be matched by some of the most premier systems (at a premier price point) on the market. BassBoss yet again came through with high quality pieces that can be assembled into an amazing system for any size concert needs.

Visually, the lighting and video systems were striking. Beams clearly projected across the entire pool deck complex and beyond – I’m sure hotel rooms hundreds of feet away were tired of seeing flashing lights beam into their windows. The video panels were unbelievably bright. Daytime shows had no issue with visual content being easily seen even in high-noon bright sunlight. Then, at night the brightness really impacted the audience with strobing effects beating out the 4 Atomic 3000’s onstage. It was truly a concert experience not to miss.

It was so satisfying to see the system I designed perform the entire season with no major faults. Many of the artists and management made positive comments on the accuracy and sound quality that was provided by the new BassBoss system. Several artists were so impressed with what they heard, they added system components to their updated technical riders for future shows.

Featured Artists for 2015

Lil’ Jon
Rae Sremmurd
Waka Flocka Flame

The Chainsmokers

Far East Movement (Live)
Pegboard Nerds
Caked Up